About Us - Core Values


The core value system of Wyndham Benefits encompasses doing whatever it takes to service and maintain Customer satisfaction and earn trust. All of our clients, whether small or large, receive the same level of service and commitment. Wyndham Benefits prides itself on it’s attention to keeping it’s clients in compliance witii all rules and regulations ofthe NYS Department of Financial Services and the various Insurance Carriers.


Wyndham Benefits industry experience and knowledge allows them to consistently provide innovative plan designs resulting in the maximizing of Premiums. Wyndham Benefits team approach assists employers in successfully and clearly communicating and implementing these plans to its employees.


There is no client too big or too small for Wyndham Beneñts. Every client of Wyndham Benefits is a priority. The personal and timely attention given to all needs truly sets Wyndham Beneñts apart from the rest. Excellent service is a point of pride for us.


As a long standing, highly respected member of the Brokerage community Wyndham Benefits oñers an unparalleled commitment to researching, developing and executing the best possible plan for each situation. Wyndham Benefits breadth of knowledge and extensive, long term relationships facilitate this commitment level bringing about a successful solution for all clients.