• Why Wyndham Benefits?

    Our industry experience and knowledge allows us to consistently provide innovative plan designs resulting in the maximizing of Premiums. Wyndham Benefits team approach assists employers in successfully and clearly communicating and implementing these plans to its employees.

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  • NY State of Health

    Wyndham Benefits LLC is Certified in both S.H.O.P. and the Individual Health Care Market Place.

    NY State of Health is a new Health Plan Marketplace. Individuals, families, and small businesses can use it to buy health insurance. It lets you shop and compare many health plans. It is the only place to get help lowering the cost of health coverage. Give us a call and we will help you get started.

    NY State of Health Certified
  • Outstanding Service

    There is no client too big or too small for Wyndham Beneñts. Every client of ours is a top priority. The personal and timely attention given to all needs truly sets us apart from the rest. Excellent service is a point of pride for Wyndham Benefits.

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At Wyndham Benefits, Our Job is to Take You Out of the Insurance Business

Chris Goodness from Wyndham Benefits, LLC has been our Benefits Insurance Broker for about four years now. What makes Chris unique in his job is that he provides us with what we as a Company are looking for in a benefits package. He doesn’t just provide us with the package but assists us throughout the year with questions or concerns. In an ever changing market Chris educates us on what changes have an impact on our Company and Employees as well as helps guide our decision making accordingly. We couldn’t ask for better customer service from an Insurance Broker. –Jody O.

I have worked with Chris Goodness for over 5 years. Not only is he an awesome person; he is a great help to myself, our employees and our company. Chris works hard to help get us the best rates possible and he is always willing to help address any issues that we have in a very timely manner. He is always there when I need him and he is a great asset to have on my side. Thank you Chris for all you do!–Lisa L.

Chris Goodness has gone above and beyond the call of duty to meet our medical insurance needs and helped save the Club money during a time when these costs seemed to be going up. He aggressively helps us find ways to reduce our group health insurance premiums. He is courteous, cheerful, and a joy to work with. If we have a claims issue, we just have to make one call to Chris and our problems are immediately resolved. His personal attention and dedication to service is wonderful. Being able to call someone and know they can answer our questions, or resolve a problem with the Insurance Company, is unique.–Patrick C.

Mr. Goodness has worked very hard to keep our insurance cost down in this era of ever increasing healthcare cost and regulations. We would not hesitate to recommend him to any of our clients, business partners and suppliers.–Ernie S.

Chris Goodness of Wyndham Benefits has been our insurance broker through our growth from a small to a mid-sized construction firm. He has promptly and efficiently met our needs as they arise saving us time and labor. He has helped us tailor our benefits package for greater employee satisfaction while keeping our cost in mind. We would be pleased to recommend him based on his level of commitment and personalized service. – Lorraine T.